It you haven’t been to a Girl2Girl Kansas City party then you have been missing out on being part of the longest running private party for “women only’ in Kansas City. The monthly G2G event was started in 2002 as a small invitation only party for women who wanted to go out and have a few drinks, dance and meet other women. It was started in a time when being out was not as accepted as it is today, so many women appreciated the discreet invitation system by word of mouth and private email announcements. The venue for the event has changed several times throughout the years but the women of Kansas City have followed and kept the party going for over 10 years.

Over the years it has been the catalyst for women meeting and finding each other in a fun, friendly and safe environment. It has seen many patrons meet and fall in love, celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other life milestones. It has supported Kansas City’s LGBTQIA charities and other LGBTQIA organizations like LIKEME Lighthouse, Sport Teams, and HRC.

These days the event is being re-invented and modernized to be more in line with the needs of today’s more open LGBTQIA community. The organizers will be taking advantage of a web presence through this site and on Facebook as well as more public advertising opportunities. G2GKC will also be working to be seen out in the community by taking part and being active in LGBTQIA community activities.

G2GKC will, however, remain an exclusive ‘woman only’ private party so that the women of Kansas City will continue to have an event that is just for LBGTQIA women.

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